Mimi’s Cafe, Chino Hills

Mimi’s Cafe in the city of Chino Hills

Address: 3890 Grand Ave, Chino CA 91710
Ph: 909-465-1595

On scheduled Saturday’s or Sunday’s through out the month.

Price: Never more then $35 per person. Most times we offer a discount.

You can find us on Facebook:@ThePaintersLoftCorona


Styles and subject matter targeted to novice and aspiring artists.
One of the methods by which we engage the community is through soliciting feedback via the social media (Facebook, Instagram).
Through our business Facebook page we ask our followers/audience to submit and vote on artwork that they like and appreciate, AKA our “Like it” or “Paint it!” campaigns. These submissions fall under the “Fair Use” laws and under the Facebook Terms of Service. Once the winning submission is selected, one of our artist/teachers will create a “derived” rendition, that will be used to conduct one or more classes.
These derived works, while similar to the original, are solely intended for painting events, and are typically very simplified with colors significantly changed to conform to the limited palette of paints available at our studio and or our open to the public restaurant venues. They are in no way intended to be a reproduction suitable for, or in competition with, the original artist’s work.